About Eric DeRiggi

Eric Samuel DeRiggi serves as the SONY vendor representative at Best Buy in Melbourne, Florida. As the in-store SONY authority, he is responsible for answering questions related to a wide range of SONY products, including stereo equipment, televisions, cell phones, tablets, blu ray players, and home theater receivers. Eric Samuel DeRiggi also works closely with customers, and demonstrates products to help them compare prices and features.

Within two months of assuming the position, Eric DeRiggi had played a significant role in augmenting SONY’s success at the Best Buy location. With time, he was ranked first in the territory. He went on to earn recognition among the top ten nationwide in June 2014.

Mr. DeRiggi has earned SONY Master Certification in general products, televisions, digital imaging, mobile devices, portable electronics, and home theater. He also holds Gold Level Certification as a Best Buy home theater and SONY experience expert.

Away from work, he enjoys various hobbies and interests. These include reading and collecting books and comics, and traveling within the United States. He has been to thirty-eight different states, including Wyoming, Utah, Iowa, Kansas, and Ohio.


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